Hello world!

Why www.itkino.com ?
Literally about the domain…because my last name is Itkin and itkin.com was taken a long time ago.  So to me it sounds like my name and the “o” is what I “know”.

Why a website at all, when I could tweet, snap, instagram, post on Facebook, etc., etc., etc.?
Because I like the ease of use, design, flexibility and solidity of the website. It’s just in one central location. I can fill it with any kind of text or media I want.  I can always make references to it from other applications if I want, or from the website to the other applications.  Using WordPress, it’s simple to change/edit a theme at any time.

But why a website at all?  What will be in this website?
I see this site as a traditional blog (originally a portmanteau of web and log), so it’ll contain my log of what I know something about: technology, design, photography, cars, bikes, travel, cool products and project management.